About Dr Gan

Dr Philip Gan is a general surgeon with a particular focus on the most minimally invasive approaches to a broad range of “keyhole” operations. The goal is to make each operation as painless and scar-less as possible, with accelerated recovery. His approaches are tailored to each patient individually. Philip embraces innovation, both in techniques and medical devices. Not satisfied with what was already available, he designed, patented and produced his own award-winning laparoscopic equipment. He has published and presented internationally and has been an invited speaker at surgical conferences, to industry, and University programs (Masters of Minimally Invasive Surgery). Philip is the Clinical Director of Surgery at Southwest Healthcare, Warrnambool and Affiliate Associate Professor at the Deakin University School of Medicine.

Operations undertaken

As a general surgeon in a regional centre, Philip performs a very broad range of operations, but with a particular interest in laparoscopic “key-hole” surgery for weight loss (e.g. mini gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy), gastric reflux (hiatus hernia), gallbladder surgery, colorectal (bowel) surgery including colonoscopy, removal of the spleen and most hernia repairs. These are performed with advanced techniques that minimise pain and scarring. He also does a large volume of breast lump/cancer surgery, and more minor procedures such as skin lesions, vasectomies and carpal tunnel releases. Weight loss surgery is only performed in private. There is no public bariatric service at this point in time in Warrnambool.

Make an appointment

The first step will be to get a referral from your GP or Specialist. Once the referral has been received, an appointment will be made, and information relevant to your condition sent to you. Referrals can be posted, faxed or emailed to Dr Gan.

Postal address:

Suite 7, 136 Botanic Road, Warrnambool, Victoria 3280

Phone: 03 5562 2177

Fax: 03 5562 9527


Innovation in Surgical Devices

Philip is not only innovative in surgical technique, but is also an inventor, with devices patented in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand, with further territories pending. His first invention was a laparoscopic retractor designed for very gentle retraction of the liver and also spleen, called the “LiVac Retractor”. This device enables a wide range of operations to be performed with fewer incisions and is used internationally. The LiVac Retractor was commercialised through the company he set up in 2010, called Livac Pty Ltd. Livac won the Australian Technologies Company of the Year 2017, including the MedTech & Pharma division Competition. Philip has other inventions in the pipeline, which are all intended to improve laparoscopic surgery. Please visit www.livac.com.au to find out more.